#1 – Off With Your Head

Welcome to the very first aRtbUzz challenge!

For our first outing I thought we would have a nice quirky challenge to get our creative muses buzzing!

So here it is the……Off With Your Head Challenge!

What I want you to do for this challenge is to take a picture of a person or a child – you can use an image printed from your computer or you can use rubber stamped images – its up to you!

When youve got your chosen image I want you to cut off their heads!

Once youve removed their heads – the FUN part starts!

Replace their heads with something quirky and different! You can use animal heads, bird heads, fish heads, painted heads, mr potato heads, celebrity heads, over inflated HUUGE heads or even teeny weeny small heads, infact ANYBODIES head! Its up to YOU!

Play around with different images and heads to see what you can come up with and make some art using your strange headed critter.

Its up to YOU what you make – share the link to your artwork in the comments form (dont forget to provide a link back to here)

Heres some art samples of Off With Your Head Critters I made last night to give you a couple of ideas…

4×4 Art Page:

2 Artist Trading Cards:

Skinny Book Page:



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13 responses to “#1 – Off With Your Head

  1. Annie

    Like these Trish, will have to have a go when I’ve caught up again !

  2. Trish – I LOVE these! I have several animals that I didn’t use (for one reason or another) from my tall and skinny pages that will be perfect for this!

  3. OMG Trish, what a fab idea! I totally love this. Your artwork, as always, fantastic!
    Can’t wait to play.
    Be well, Jan

  4. Trish,
    This is a Fabulously-Fantastical site and challenge! Would I expect anything less from you? No way!

  5. Maggi

    Great idea – cut off a bunch of heads and interchange to see what works!!!! Off to get my scissors ( promise not to run with them!)

  6. Great idea! – am having a lady come to the house today, so I might just give this a go (trying to use up heaps of “bits” before we think about moving back to NZ!!)

  7. Hi, just saw this new challenge days ago. So, this is my try 🙂

    I’m getting fun doing this.

  8. Sorry, I’m not too sure whether did i success post my comment in minutes ago.

    Hi, just get know your this new challenge blog few days ago.

    This is my try

    I’m getting fun doing it.

  9. WooHoo……..I did Challenge #1…a bit late, but as you said—NO deadlines.

  10. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, and finally, it’s done!! Hope the “no deadlines” rule extends this far…. here’s mine:

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