#5 – My Fur Baby

Another quick challenge idea to get your muses buzzing!

For this challenge I want you to find a way of incorporating your fur baby into your artwork!

You can use actual printed photos or you can use digital artwork or you can paint or do pretty much anything to make some gorgeous art featuring the #1 fur baby in your life!

Or why not use this challenge idea to pay homage to those fur babies who are no longer with us.

You have free reign to interpretate the challenge theme ‘My Fur Baby’ in anyway you choose!

Heres a couple of pieces of artwork I made for this challenge using a stencil which I designed from a photograph of my fur baby Harry 🙂

I had a photo of Harry what I wanted to use which I converted to black and white and then printed it out. I then used a pen to make a blocked stencil style version of the photo which I then cut out of card and used as a stencil to paint through:


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2 responses to “#5 – My Fur Baby

  1. Oooh Trish – fab work! Harry looks gorgeous!! I’ve got a pic of my DD coverted in Photoshop to photocopy, which I’m going to put on rubber and carve… It just occurred to me that although being a teen, she can be a b**** at times, she don’t qualify for the fur baby!! 😉
    Never mind, I still have 2 dogs n a cat that do, so I’ll defo be doing this one!!!

  2. Here is my entry. Its a bit of a cheat as i did it a while ago but it is of my favorite picture of our cat, who hates me , as she thinks my partner belongs to her. LOL
    url: http://www.rattytattysblog.blogspot.com/

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