#6 – Art In Everyday Life

For this challenge you will need your digital cameras!

I want you to go outside and using your camera take a photo of something that moves you or catches your eye, something which looks artistic, a natural beauty which hasnt been staged or posed in any way. No people or pets for this – try to think of every day objects or things in nature…it could be the leaves on the ground, flowers, clouds or even litter on the floor.

Just a quick candid shot of something which grabs your attention and stirs your muse in some way or another.

Once you have your photo upload it to your blog and give a description as to what the photo is and why you chose it. Dont forget to leave a message here along with your link so we can see what you took a picture of!

Heres my contribution to this theme:

We went to the seaside today and as I was walking along the beach I saw a group of shells and pebbles which caught my eye, they had been left there by the tide which had not long gone out, and something in their formations and how they lay scattered there in the sand just grabbed my attention. I took a couple of photos and thought nothing more of it till I got back home and loaded the shots from my camara, on seeing the photos on my screen I realised there was an aura of art in the natural beauty in the simplicity of the shells and pebbles. Heres my photos:


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9 responses to “#6 – Art In Everyday Life

  1. Kym

    What are the black pieces? They look like charcoal and add a nice counterpoint to the whole photo.

  2. I took some photos and hope they meet the requirements of your challenge!

  3. I took some pictures for the challenge.

  4. Here’s a slideshow of art that I found on Jones Beach on Long Island on my birthday, April 11. It was a cold and gray day, but art was everywhere. There was no arranging involved, everything was just laying this way.

    Once you begin to see, art is everywhere.

  5. The black pieces were just bits of pebbles and stones on the beach, I agree they do look a lot like charcoal, I guess thats why they grabbed my attention!

  6. I took some pics in the garden of my fave flowers… which always make my Muse move!


  7. I added some pics taken on my holidays and some from my yard. Not sure if they fit the criteria for the challenge, but hope so.

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