#9 – Digital Stamp Image Challenge

Ive created a sheet of black and white digital stamps for you to use for this challenge theme!

For challenge #9 I want you to print off this sheet and use the image to make some ART! It can be A N Y T H I N G at all! Spray the images or dtp them to add a splash of colour or use them as is!

If you sign into your flickr account (its free) you can download the full sized version of this image sheet for FREE, which will give you a better print result than if you use the small version of the image.

The image chosen for this challenge has been converted to ‘stamp format’ from an original cabinet card image which I found on a blog 🙂

Special thanks Elizabeth at The Last Door Along The Hall for allowing me to use this image for the challenge 😀

You can also download the digital stamp as a single image or you can download the original cabinet card from the following url:


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4 responses to “#9 – Digital Stamp Image Challenge

  1. Here is my challenge art for #9. Mary

  2. Here is my attempt at the digital stamp challenge.Mary

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