#13 – Altered Board Book Project Page 2

Now you’ve completed your first pages its time to move onto the next 2. I haven’t completed mine yet because I don’t work that way – I leave my pages a while before I finish them off properly!

You may want to place a sheet of non stick parchment or something similar between the pages you have already created to protect them while your working on the next 2 pages.

I’m breaking the next page into smaller steps as there is a bit more painting involved than last time and I haven’t a clue which direction we are going with this one yet – it sounds fun so I what the eck πŸ˜‰

Board Book Page 2 – Step 1:

1. Gesso the next 2 pages of your book, if you haven’t already done so.

2. Use a pencil and ruler and mark a feint horizontal line across the book going right across the 2 pages – you want the line to be just below the halfway mark (middle) of the book – in other words there should be more surface area above the pencil line than below it.

3. Using the pencil line as a guide & using the same pencil; draw a wavy line across the 2 pages along the line – you can make the wavy line super wavy or a gentle incline or go all out crazy wavy – its up to YOU. Just make sure there is a nice wavy line going across the pages. Do NOT worry about being neat and tidy.

4. Paint the area above the wavy line with bright ORANGE paint – acrylic or similar – paint right up to the wavy line – don’t worry if you go over the lines as you can neaten it up afterwards. Let paint dry.

5. Paint the area below the wavy line with lime green acrylic paint or similar – as before paint right up to the wavy line. Let it dry.

Step 2:

1. Paint a thin red stripe along the wavy border across your page – paint it on the side where there is more orange background colour. Dont worry about neatness.

2. Using the same red paint add colour to 2 pages torn out of a paperback book – if you dont have a paperback book you can tear text pages out of a magazine instead and add colour to them. Set these aside once dry for future use.

3. Take 3 sheets of paper from a paperback book – or you can use 3 pages of text torn from a magazine, using a damp sponge lightly gesso over these 3 pages – do not completely white out the text – you want the text to still be visible through the gesso. Let dry.

4. Take 1 sheet of the gesso book paper and cut it into narrow strips, use pva glue to glue strips of paper to the green part of your book pages as if creating candy stripes – leave a gap roughly the same size of the paper strip so that you create stripes across the pages of green and book paper. Trim off any excess, dont worry about making the strips fit perfectly over the top of the red border.

5. Using the other sheet of gesso-ed book paper, use a circle punch or cut freehand to cut out lots of little circle shapes. Set these aside for later use.

6. Take a pencil with a small rubber/eraser on one end and use this as a stamp – dip it into gesso and apply white dots to the orange background, dont worry about being exact – just stamp the dots till your happy with the results and set aside to dry.

You should be left with something like this:

Step 3:

1. For this next step I want you to add some kind of light brown wash to stain the entire page, this is to age it slightly and make it look weatherworn and not so vibrant. You can use something like watered down walnut inks, watered down watercolour paints, re-inkers, colourwash sprays or whatever you have to hand.

I used the adirondacks butterscotch colour wash spray for this step as I didnt want anything too dark as I still wanted the background colours on the page to be visible through the stain.

If it helps – think of a light aged lace or tea stain – this is the type of instensity of the stain you want for your book.

2. Now to put your drawing skills to use! ….but I cant draw! I hear you cry! Worry not – its easy if you follow these steps.

I want you to draw a basic flower petals shape onto white copier paper using a pen, see the diagram below to help you do this:

Drawing Your Flower Instructions:

1. Start off with a small circle.

2. Draw 2 loops coming off your circle at the top and bottom – dont worry if they dont look perfect.

3. Draw 2 more loops coming off the circle at the right and left.

4 & 5. Use the spaces between the loops as a guide to enable you to draw more loops around the circle to complete your basic flower shape.


You may want to practise a few times before you get a basic flower shape your happy with πŸ™‚

3. After a few practise runs you should have a collection of flower petal shapes; go through them and pick out your favourite ones & roughly cut them off the sheet in a square – do not cut around the petals. Just cut a square around your flower to remove it from the sheet leaving a generous border.

4. Pick out 3 sheets of scrapbook paper in light natural colours – I used sheets in: tan orange, pale yellow and a pale green. You can use any papers for this so long as there are different colours – handmade if you prefer.

5. Stack the 3 sheets of paper neatly together and then place one of your hand drawn roughly cut out flower shapes over the top of the paper stack.

6. Use scissors to cut around the petals of the flower shapes youve drawn – you are cutting through the actual drawing you did and also through the 3 sheets of scrapbook paper at the exact same time, thus creating 3 flowers with the 3 different coloured sheets of scrapbook paper.

7. Continue doing this till youve got yourselve a nice collection of flower shapes – you can always use any spares in other projects as you can never have too many πŸ˜‰

8. Gather up the flowers and arrange them into sets of 3 of the same sized petals, punch a tiny hole in the centre of each petal and then pierce a coloured brad through the centre to piece together the 3 different coloured flower shapes (of the same size).

9. Give the petals a gentle twist so that you can see all the 3 colours of the paper flower youve made. You should have something which looks like this:

10. Arrange 3 flowers across both of the board book pages – choose 1 larger flower, one medium and one small. Arrange them in a manner that pleases you and then glue down the bottom most flower onto the book. You only want 3 flowers across BOTH pages – not 3 on one page and 3 on another – 3 in total πŸ™‚

11. What do flowers make you think of? Do you have a favourite flower quote? If not go search for one from one of the various poetry and quotations websites out there. Once youve found one, copy & paste it into a word processor & print it out.

12. Cut the quote out along the words and arrange it across your pages and stick it down.

13. Look at your page now and ask yourself – is it finished? Does it need something else to finish it off? Anything at all – add that final touch what YOU think your pages need.

Now your page is finished πŸ™‚

Heres my finished page below:



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5 responses to “#13 – Altered Board Book Project Page 2

  1. Managed to finish the first 2 pages tonight and have done the next step. I am intrigued on what we are going to do with orange and bright green!! check out my blog for my attempts

  2. Just started page 2. Check it out on my blog!

  3. Check out my blog….I’ve posted page 2.
    I am so looking forward to the next steps!!!!

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  5. I’ve posted my pages on my blog.

    I’ve also awarded you the I love your blog award – check it out on my blog.

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