#14 – Altered Board Book Page 3

Ok now are you ready to begin page 3 in your board book?

Here goes…..

Step 1:

1. Gesso the next two pages in your board book, allow the gesso to air dry properly overnight.

2. For this next step you need lots of different paper scraps – you can use anything for this – magazine papers, book papers, scrapbook papers, gift wrap, colour paper, metallic.

Tear the scrap pieces into small pieces and glue them down all over the 2 pages using pva or any clear drying glue.

Make sure all the papers overlap and that there is no trace left of the actual original book left.

Let glue air dry, prefably overnight.

3. Use a damp sponge and lightly gesso over the entire page of scraps – you dont want to ‘white it out’ – just apply a light coat so that it is slightly ghosted. Let gesso air dry.

4. If the gesso coat is applied too thickly now is your chance to remove some – use either a baby wipe or a damp sponge or paper towel to gently rub and remove SOME (not all) of the gesso to give it a slightly distressed look. Let dry.

5. Using the SAME stain you used in step 3 of page 2 (when you stained the green and orange pages using a light brown ink) rub the colour all over the pages to get a nice brown ages stain on the page.

Your book pages should look a little like this:

3rd Board Book Page

Let inks dry, scan it in and upload it for all to see…

Step Two:

1. Get some gold embossing powder and sprinkle it over both pages, imagine you are adding flavour to food and sprinkle it on a bit at a time – SPARINGLY, you dont want too much – do not stress about how the gold embossing powder looks on the page!

2. Use your heat gun to melt the gold embossing powder – take care not to blow away the powder with the heat, I find it best to start using the heat gun at a distance to gently warm the powder then as it starts to heat up I move the gun in closer and closer – this prevents the heat blasting the powder away.

3. Take a strip of wide masking tape – you want masking tape which will actually stick so do not use low tack masking tape! A nice strong sticky type will do. Tear the edges of the masking tape so that it doesnt have straight edges anymore.

4. Take a long script or pattern rubber stamp and ink it up with black ink, I used a script border stamp by Home Impressions for this. Leave the inked stamp faced upwards on your table do not stamp with it yet!

5. Take the strip of torn masking tape and place it gently on top of the inked stamp and then use your finger to gently rub the design onto the tape, then lift the masking tape off the stamp.

6. Place the stamped masking tape sticky side down onto either the left or the right hand book page to create a muted stamped masking tape border.

Your book will look something like this at this point:

Step Three:

1. Make a heart shaped embellishment, this embellishment needs to be biggish because it is going to be a focal point on one of your pages – do not cheat and use one which is already made!

You have 4 options for making your heart shaped embellishment so pick whichever one that takes your fancy:

Heart Option A: Cut a heart shape out of a sheet of craft foam or fun foam, heat the fun foam up with your heat gun and stamp directly into the foam using the same the same script or pattern stamp you used on the masking tape. Hold the stamp there for a few seconds to create a lovely raised impression.

Heart Option B: Cut a heart shape out of a sheet of shrink plastic – remember this will need to be BIG because it will shrink! Heat the shrink plastic to shrink it and then while it is still warm stamp the same script or pattern stamp you used on the masking tape and hold it there for a few seconds to create a lovely intalligio impressed image.

Heart Option C: Cut a heart shape out of a piece of air drying or polymer clay and then stamp directly into the clay using the same script or pattern stamp you used on the masking tape and then let air dry or cook for the time required.

Heart Option D: Use utee to create a heart shape and then the same script or pattern stamp you used on the masking tape directly into the warm utee, hold it there for a few seconds to allow it to set.

2. Once youve got your stamped heart shape you now need to add colour to it! Base coat the heart with a lovely red acrylic paint and let it dry.

3. Take some gold acrylic paint and dip your finger into it and use your finger tip to gently buff over the top of the raised part of the script stamped heart to highlight it. Let paint dry.

4. Cut a layering square or rectangle of something transparent and see through to layer the heart onto on the page – you can use punchinella (sequin waste) or you can use magic mesh, any kind of mesh, net, muslin, lace, doilys, vellum – ANYTHING. The trick is to pick something which will not totally obscure the background underneath it so it is still slightly visible.

5. Stick down your chosen square onto the book page without the masking tape strip on it and then glue the heart over the top of this.

6. Pick out a heart quote that takes your fancy, print it out and layer it over the side with the masking tape border to finish.

Your page will look something like this:



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2 responses to “#14 – Altered Board Book Page 3

  1. hello Trish,

    I’m a bit behind reading blogs etc. because of the work for school. Did you published step 2 of page 3 already on NGS or did I miss it somewhere in het topics…

    Inge from Belgium

  2. Page 3 is done. You can check it out along with the trials and mishaps it took to get it complete here…. http://journalmw.blogspot.com/2008/09/next-page.html
    What a great experience I am having doing these pages. Your instructions are great for a beginner like myself.

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