#15 – Board Book Page 4

Time to start another spread!

Step One:

1. Apply a layer of gesso over entire 2 pages and allow to dry.

2. Take a bottle of el cheapo clear drying school glue (pva) and squirt the glue randomly all over across both pages – dont put on too much! You are aiming for a gloopy mess kinda like the gloopy glue backgrounds we covered in the background noise series here: http://trishbee.co.uk/?p=341

Allow the glue to dry, prefably overnight.

3. Apply another layer of gesso all over the top of the book pages and also the glue mess. Let dry.

4. Take some bright red acrylic paint – the brightest red you own! And paint it all over the surface of the board book page and the glue – be generous with your paint and make sure you get in all the nooks and crannys. Let it dry overnight.

5. Now you need some gold acrylic paint or any metallic acrylic paint such as silver or bronze. I prefer gold πŸ™‚ Pour a little blob of gold acrylic paint into a container – I used a margerine tub lid for this. Dip your pointy finger into the paint and using your finger very lightly rub the gold paint across the surface of the book.

You are aiming to create gold highlights, pay particular attention to the raised glue ridges and let more of the gold paint fall upon those textures and ridges. Do not completely cover the page in gold – less is more. You want to see mainly red on the page. Let dry.

When your done your page should look a little like this:

Step 2:

Ive decided that we are going to go down the Asian route with this page as the striking red and gold reminds me of Asian colours.

1. Using either black acrylic paint or black gesso or a bold black inkpad such as brilliance I want you to find an Asian style background stamp to accent your pages with- if you use Brilliance ink you will need to heat set the ink or use embossing powder to make it permanent.

Dont go overboard with the stamping as you want the red background to be more prominent.

Think of stamped accents such as Asian lettering, mesh, fern leaves, lotus flowers, screens – anything with a texture and stamp along the edges of the pages to add accents.

2. Next make yourself a sheet of Faux Washi Paper – you need tissue paper and inks for this, if you dont have inks you can use reinkers or thinned down watercolour paints.

The instructions for Faux Washi paper can be found on the following link:


3. Next you need to make a large Asian themed embellishment for your page, the embellishment wants to be medium to large in size as it will be the focal point on one of your page flaps.

You can use one of the following options to make your embellishment: funfoam, utee, clay or shrink plastic.

I want you to stamp and create the embellishment using a patterned stamp design, you use the instructions for making the heart embellishment on the previous spread as a guide if you want to or you can do it YOUR way πŸ™‚


The challenge is to make your embellishment look as Asian as you can WITHOUT using an Asian stamp!

Once youve done that scan your stamp board book spread, your washi paper sample and your Asian embellishment and upload it…we’ll be sticking them down in Step 3….


Im so sorry for not being more active and for not posting the next steps for the board books and leaving you all hanging on like this….I have no excuse apart from my usual excuse – except its not an excuse anymore its a bloody pain in the bum! Well not literally! The cold and damp weather has always played havoc with my hands and puts me out of action but these days its not just my hands its my legs and joints too! Argh! I take pain killers for the pain but they make me feel funny and I cant concentrate which is why Ive been so quiet.

Enough of the excuses heres what you need to do to finish off your pages and also details for the NEXT board book spread too while Im here…

Board Book Page 4 Step 3 –

1. Take your faux washi paper and tear it into a strip – you can have a large wide strip or a thin strip – its up to you. Stick it down on either the left or the right hand side of your page spread.

2. Next research on the internet for a Haiku which catches your eye – a Haiku is a short Asian poem. Print your chosen Haiku and cut and layer it on either the left or the right page – either over the top of the faux washi paper or on the red golden painted background.

3. Take your handmade asian embellishment and glue it onto the opposite page where you have stuck your Haiku down.

Your spread is complete.


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  1. I have had a go at doing all 4 pages so check out the results on my blog! It was great doing the embossing as I havent used that for a long time. I really enjoyed stamping in the foam as I had forgotten about that technique so thanks for this little tutorial

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