#16 – Board Book Page 5

Board Book Page 5

Heres the details for the next board book spread to get you started…

Step 1

1. If you dont have black gesso then first paint your pages with white gesso, allow them to dry then paint over the top with black acrylic paint. If you do have black gesso just paint ONE layer of black gesso and allow to dry.

2. You need to work quickly for this next step – On one page apply spots of metallic or pearl acrylic paints – use a variety of colours.

3. While the paint is still wet close the book and hold it tight with your hands.

4. Open up your pages to reveal an instance background of colour on your board book pages – let dry or use a heat gun if your impatience…..

Your page should look a little like this:



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4 responses to “#16 – Board Book Page 5

  1. Hello Trish,

    Did you use your stewart Gill paints from Suzi’s class ? I did…


  2. LazyKay

    Wow, that’s effective!


  3. Gosh Trish, this must have taken you ages. Brilliant tutorials. I’ll have to have a go now.

  4. Thank you for your website 😉
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and even more
    my backgrounds:http://tinyurl.com/5ajonc
    have a great day and thank you again!

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