Welcome to aRtbUzz – a challenge blog with a difference by tRish bEe.

The concept behind the challenges on this blog is simple; to get your muse buzzing and making art!

I believe that aRt is supposed to be FUN! I want you to enjoy what you make! Its not about the finished project its about the art journey you took to make it. Learn to take joy from the creative messy process called making ART!

There are so many challenge blogs out there which are a little too rigid for my liking – you always have to make atcs or chunky pages, or the challenge themes always have to be published every Thursday or Sunday etc without fail……Ack! No thankyou not for me!

Im the kind of person who gets bored easily, I have a short attention span and I just know that if I start up a challenge blog solely for artist trading cards you can guarantee that in 2 months time I’ll hate the sight of them! Same goes for chunkys, skinnys, arches, moo’s, inchies and god knows what!

So instead of having a rigid set theme Ive decided to opt for an ANYTHING GOES theme – so long as you made it with your own sticky paws then it qualifies for the aRtbUzz cHallenge!

Theres no time limit on the challenges- so dont bother posting ‘omg Im 3 days/months/years late’ – you aint late! Your welcome to join in the set challenge themes whenever you want to – dont panic about being left behind – I aint going nowhere! Work at your own pace!

Also Ive decided theres no set day for publishing new challenge themes – basically Im running this challenge blog on a ‘when I feel like it’ basis – which means one week I may post 2 challenges at once and then nothing for a month – or one month I might feel over zealous and post 25 challenges! Why? Because I feel like it!

Overall aRtbUzz themes and challenges WILL vary to keep things fresh and interesting. There will be techniques, colour schemes, background techniques, art mediums, a list of ingrediants or even digital images for you to download and print!

Variety is the spice of life!

Last but by no means least:

If you want to take part in any of the challenge themes simply post a comment and leave the full blog url of your artwork in the comment form so I can go and have a nosy at it!

Please remember to post a link back to this blog in your blog entry.

Hope you’ll have a go and play with me!

Trish Bee


7 responses to “aBout

  1. Maggi

    Looking forward to the “buzz!” Guess I’m like you in that sometimes I’m buzzed, and sometimes not. Got the buzz last weekend at Artiscape, so buzz me up, Scottie!

  2. Cool Buzz! – LOL …
    Am almost drowning in “too much other stuff to do” at the moment, so am loving that I can check up and join in when I have some time.

  3. Mer

    I Love this Blog !!!!

    You are so inspiring.


  4. Oh Thanks Trish for something I can do and feel comfortable with. I just got out of all the yahoo art groups I belonged to because I was tired of the stress I put upon myself with deadlines. I am now free to make art for the sheer joy of making art. You smart girl to think of simplifying and hooking us in at the same time! XXMollye

  5. Hey Trish i have been dying to do the challenges you put out there for us but I’m bogged down with all kinds of art deadlines for the next month or more. But I will get to the challenges :>)

  6. Sue

    Hi Trish
    This may be just what I need. I appear to have lost my mojo with regard to dabbling. I will have a go.

  7. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. I’m not keen on deadlines either. Prefer to work at my own pace. Will try to join in.

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